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Are you a talented person with a passion for administration, education, health, engineering or photography?

EMA is always on the lookout for change-makers and problem-solvers to volunteer in Thailand and Myanmar. If you’re interested in any of these categories, send an email to our volunteer coordinator at earth@earth-mission.org to find out more information about current openings and job descriptions.

Admin Support

Assist with report editing, grant research/writing, data organizing and other research.


Teach the Karen students in different subjects: English, math, science, computer, engineering or medical.


Volunteer at the T-RAD Clinic for short-term (weeks) or long-term (years) commitments.

Engineering Technology

Work for the clinics in power generation, building and bridge construction, maintenance and repair.

Photography / Videography

Help share the Karen’s vision through photography and videography (short-term and long-term).

Perks of

This is your opportunity to enter a new world full of empathy, courage and resilience. Share your expertise, learn new ways to live and love. Get started now!

Partner with the Karen

Working with the Karen will possibly change your life. Be prepared to see the world and relationships differently.

Work and travel in South-East Asia

Depending on your job, you will get to live in Thailand or Myanmar and directly impact the work done in the field.
Pictures: a midwife volunteer doing an ultrasound, a doctor teaching a Physician Assistant student to do eye exams, a volunteer teaching science to the Physician Assistant students, a volunteer working with an Engineering Technology student on building repairs


Read how working with the Karen has changed the lives of volunteers

Tyler (Georgia, USA)

“In 2013, I met Dr. Mitch and began working for EMA in 2014. Since this project began, it has been an incredible journey. What started as an idea, a vision, began to rapidly morph into a larger and larger project with many moving parts and I found myself thrust into positions that I would have never imagined. To have been part of a story so much larger than my own, a story that I deeply believe has the potential to significantly change the world of healthcare for the Karen people, well I shouldn’t have to ask for anything more in life than that.”

Picture: Tyler (full-time volunteer) participating in the Helping Babies Breath training with Raykaw, Karen staff

Jennifer (USA)

“I will forever be grateful for my experience with the students and full-time staff here. The students work so hard to understand the content and always have such a willing and joyful attitude. The full-time staff work tirelessly to ensure the best training possible and I am thankful to have been a part of it. God is doing powerful things through this staff and in these students. The ripples that are starting through this program will no doubt turn into waves.”

Picture: Jennifer (short-term volunteer) in the middle with Tyler (long-term volunteer) and the Physician Assistant students

Allison (Tacoma Church, USA)

“My experience at EMA was remarkable. The program is amazing, in the fact that these students, with so much potential, from all around Myanmar are being given the opportunity to get a good education in a safe learning environment. An education that won’t just better themselves, but one they can use to help each other. Everyone here was welcoming and loving. The friendships that were made, I don’t doubt, will last a lifetime.”

Picture: Allison, short-term volunteer


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