2022 Virtual Update

This 7-minute presentation enables YOU to experience the heart of EMA — providing HEALTH FOR THE HIDDEN.  We celebrate serving over 1,000 patients a month in 2022.

If you’re familiar with EMA, watching this Virtual Update will be an adrenaline rush.  If you are just now discovering EMA, take 7 minutes and check out something great in this hurting world.

This fresh footage from the field will encourage and inspire you.  ENJOY!


Who Are The Karen?

The Karen are an ethnic people group concentrated in the eastern mountainous region of Myanmar and western Thailand.

After decades of political unrest in Karen State (Myanmar), the Karen are trying to build a healthcare system that specifically addresses diseases found in the area. These diseases are easily curable but require access to electricity, medical equipment, medicines and trained local physicians.


Do You Dream About...

…having access to healthcare,

…in your own language,

…by highly-trained staff,

…who have medicines and medical equipment readily available?

The Karen
Do Too.

A patient at the Rain Tree Clinic

A patient at the Rain Tree Clinic in Karen State, Myanmar


Realizing a Vision
for Accessible Quality Healthcare

The Earth Mission Asia (EMA) project wants to see all people in remote Karen areas have access to high quality healthcare. Started in 2015, EMA currently operates two training programs and two clinics in partnership with the local Karen health department.

A group of PA students taking care of a patient at the Rain Tree Clinic

Your Impact

In 2021, you helped 13,807 patients receive healthcare and empowered over 40 young Karen students to save lives through medical and engineering education.
Thank You!


Read more about the patients, students and staff redefining Karen healthcare

Karen parents with their newborn baby at the T-RAD Clinic

Seeking a Safe Delivery

“A clinic in one of our remote areas, and one that we frequently partner with, contacted us for advice. They went on to refer a woman to us with newly diagnosed preeclampsia. Believing her to be stable, they started on an arduous journey; the river was severely swollen making the passage down the river to the road where they could get a car incredibly difficult.”

Karen people crossing the river with a motorcycle during rainy season

Rainy Season: The Season of all Dangers

“Rainy season is in full-swing in Thailand and Myanmar. For us living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that means beautiful greenery everywhere around; rainy, lazy days and the occasional slippery roads. For people in remote areas of Karen State, it means heavy rain all day and no roads at all – just mud, rocks and full-raging rivers to go through.”

A Karen father with his newborn baby at the T-RAD Clinic

A Karen father with his newborn baby at the T-RAD Clinic

Forging a Path to Better Access

“Recently, in a remote village in Karen State, Myanmar, a couple added two new babies to their family, now totaling eight children. All seemed well for the mother and twins for the first week. Her recovery was as it had been with all her other births – some bleeding that would go away within a few days.”

Engineering Technology students with EMA staff members, families and partners providing house repairs to a Karen woman

EMA staff members, students and organizing partner providing house repairs to a Karen woman

Why Do They Live So Far Away?

“Last week, seven of us set out from Chiang Mai, headed to a couple of villages in the mountains. Our task was to help provide shelter for a pair of Karen widows. We traveled in one truck – crammed full with people, tools, and backpacks. The seven included Nathan, a friend and fellow leader at EMA, three engineering technology students, myself, and my two teenage sons.”


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