Legacy Giving

What is Legacy Giving? It is the practice of GIVING a gift rooted in your VALUES that will IMPACT future generations. A legacy gift is one of the most noteworthy and lasting contributions you can make. 

Who can make a legacy gift? YOU CAN.

ANYONE can give assets, including IRAs, securities, real estate, life insurance benefits, and cash, by simply designating a valued organization as a beneficiary. 

Participating in Legacy Giving is NOT complicated. If you are interested, then check out these next steps:

Where there is a will, there’s a way. Contact your legal advisor if you don’t have a will (or a “Last Will and Testament”). There are also some great resources for minimal cost online. YOU are never too young to draft a will.

Consult with your legal advisor or financial planner to discuss the best strategy for making your gift. Aligning the type of gift with your desires is imperative. Maximize your gift’s effectiveness. 

See the Legacy Giving contact information provided by EMA

By leaving a legacy gift, YOU are changing LIVES. YOU are providing HEALTH FOR THE HIDDEN.