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The Karen are a people group concentrated along the Thai-Myanmar border. Although deeply community oriented,  one of the world’s longest civil wars has forced many to flee their homes to distant countries. Even as peace in Myanmar struggles forward, many of those Karen who stayed still struggle to scratch out a living as farmers. In mountain and jungle areas, little is left over for education or healthcare.

Earth Mission Asia’s programs are focused on developing a sustainable training program for indigenous healthcare teams to serve these marginalized areas.

Healthcare Needed

Some of the health statistics coming out of the remote Karen areas reveal a staggering amount of suffering…suffering that relatively simple healthcare done well could significantly change. The maternal mortality ratio (MMR), used as a measure of the quality of a health care system, reveals the needs for better health care in Eastern Myanmar (including Karen Sate).

Numbers of women dying per 100,000 live births.

Click on the name of each country to check the reports made by World Health Organization (WHO) reports and Diagnosis Critical, Health and Human Rights in Eastern Burma (pg 24).

Physician Assistant Training Program

EMA’s five-year medical program trains healthcare teams for people from remote Karen areas.

EMA is accepting a few young Karen students per year who do not have access to higher educational opportunities. These students are specifically selected from remote areas with the help of our local Karen partner (Karen Department of Health and Welfare – KDHW).

Our training program is aiming for the functional equivalent of a Physician Assistant and is designed specifically for practice in a remote environment.

  • Year 1 (Thailand): Learn core academics such as English, math, medical math, science, computer and critical thinking.
  • Year 2 & 3 (Myanmar): Clinical training at the T-RAD clinic including out-patient and in-patient experience (15 hours weekly).
  • Year 4 (Myanmar): Clinic training at our new remote clinic to adjust to real life settings.
  • Year 5 (Myanmar): Internship at a remote clinic in Karen State operated by KDHW.

Once our Physician Assistant students have graduated, they will go back to their remote areas to provide healthcare in rural clinics in Karen State. Some also have plans to continue to work for EMA either as medics or trainers; others plan to build their own clinic in areas where there are none.

Saw Aung Htin Kyaw


Naw Thit Paw


Zu Zae Nar


Saw Htoo Par Moo


Gay Wah


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Training Clinics in Myanmar

Provide quality healthcare to patients and teach students quality healthcare, by example.

Since 2016, Earth Mission Asia operates the T-RAD Clinic located in Ler Doh city (Kyaukkyi), Myanmar. In 2018, EMA bought a piece of land in the area to build a hospital and an agreement was made with local leaders to build a training clinic in a remote area.

Engineering Technology Training Program

EMA’s two-year engineering technology program trains students to provide the infrastructure needed to support clinics in remote Karen areas.

EMA is accepting a few young Karen students per year who do not have access to higher educational opportunities. These students are specifically selected from remote areas and want to learn more about construction, electrical work and general maintenance.

EMA’s Engineering Technology Program is specifically designed in partnership with EMA’s Physician Assistant Program(PA). As our PAs graduate and go into remote areas to provide healthcare, they need more than an education to bring health. The PAs need a dry, clean place to work, electricity for oxygen, for lighting and for lab tests. They need equipment that is in good working condition.

  • Year 1 (Thailand): Engineering theory and fabrication basics, including basic English, math, science, electricity and power courses.
  • Year 2 (Myanmar): Construction practices and special projects, including construction techniques such as steel, concrete and modular panel design.

Our EMA Engineering Technology Program is designed to equip graduates who can supply the technical support needed in the harsh jungle environment – to build structures, to create electricity far from the grid and to repair equipment when it fails.

Bwe Nay Htoo


Eh Gay


Eh Tar Taw


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