Talking with people both small and big

Talking with people both small and big

Talking with people both small and big

Mitch and I traveled to Ireland in May and had a wonderful time catching up with our friends at Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast. 

This church community has supported EMA for more than 5 years sending teams out several times to build buildings and support us in many other ways. 

I then traveled to the USA (Mitch returning to Thailand)

I went to my niece’s wedding in Bella Vista, AR and my nephew’s wedding in Kansas City, MO

Gwen had her 2-year-old birthday and I’ve enjoyed Linnea, 8yrs, and Lucia, 6yrs, as well as their parents. 

Visiting with our son, Luke in San Antonio and spending time with all 4 of our parents- ages 89, 88 and 87 has been a blessing and I am thankful. 

Final celebration was to welcome grand girl #4 to arrive – Cassia Ryan born on July 19.

Amidst all of this celebration we bring many things to God in prayer. 

In Siloam Springs AR- our EM staff continue to be the strong base for all our projects. It’s been good to work with and update them and to meet with our board members and talk about how to increase funding, our program is growing! and take care of donors. 

In Chiang Mai- our EMA HQ staff always support in a myriad of ways, many on their Signal texting groups at all hours of the day and night to pray, give advice, arrange funds and supply. Such strength. 

The situation around the T-RAD clinic is full of fear and fighting. 

Our staff there want to be open to take care of patients as they are the only clinic open in the area. Patients are coming and we need prayers for their well-being and safety. 

Our RTC clinic has taken care of several serious injuries, 

lifesaving C-sections, and many illness. Our staff continue to do surgeries, patients are cared for, students are learning. 

“I call this to mind,

And therefore, I have hope;

Your mercies never cease,

For Your compassions never fail. 

They are new every morning;

Great is Your faithfulness.” 

Lamentations 3:21-23

Caryl is based in Chiang Mai as the EMA Administration Director working behind the scenes to keep up with her husband, Mitch’s program ideas. She loves being part of bringing health for the hidden in all its various forms with travel along the way.


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Thank you God for Caryl and her heart to follow His calling. May the Lord protects her and bring her back safe to Thsiland.

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