Standing Firm

Standing Firm

Standing Firm

“T-RAD Clinic began as a single clinic project treating patients in the Kyaukkyi district of Myanmar, but it has expanded to include a variety of healthcare projects to support and implement Earth Mission Asia’s mission. As the project progresses, the emphasis is on providing people in Karen’s remote areas with high-quality healthcare. Before COVID and the military takeover, T-RAD Clinic was full of energy with EMA family members to implement its purposes. EMA volunteers, leaders, staff, and students were enthusiastic about building a hospital. They prepared everything needed to make it happen, not knowing what would happen next in the world or Myanmar. Unfortunately, COVID hit just as they were about to finish preparing to build the hospital. Nearly two years later, Myanmar experienced a military takeover, halting the hospital construction project until now. T-RAD Clinic went through some adjustments as well. Due to social distance restrictions, the admin office and clinic were separated. The work process was delayed since the clinic, and the administrative office collaborates because the clinic treats patients, and the administrative office manages a portion of the treatment and clinic management process.

Despite many harsh conditions, it is remarkable to note that none of the T-RAD Clinic employees wavered in their devotion to patients, responsibilities, and the clinic. They were even more determined than ever to support one another, particularly the patients in this challenging position. Looking back, there was no way T-RAD Clinic could have overcome and endured all of this if its staff had not remained steady in the face of difficulties. T-RAD employees can stand firm in any situation because they understand what they are doing and who they are reaching out their hands to help. They want to be there for individuals in pain, especially in this struggling situation. They are aware that patients in those areas, particularly those in Karen’s remote areas, need them and their services when their cases are too complex for jungle clinics to handle. Most of them do not want to travel to the city and visit the hospital to get treated, owing to transportation difficulties, language barriers, financial constraints, and accommodation problems. On the other hand, T-RAD is the location for them to solve all of their problems and receive proper treatment. That is one of the main reasons T-RAD Clinic stands firm in this complicated situation.

T-RAD Clinic now has more doctors and nurses on staff to treat and care for patients with various ailments. It has also progressively and extensively become a well-known clinic in the surrounding areas, a clinic capable of hosting and serving as the site of medical internships.” – Pann Yu Nway, TRAD Administration Director



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