Better Healthcare

Better Healthcare

Better Healthcare

EMA has a small number of students that have gone through the Engineering Tech program.  

The engineering technology program is a 3-year training course.  Graduates are proficient in construction, engine repair, equipment repair, wiring and troubleshooting electrical systems, and power generation from solar and generators.  One of the things we discovered is that EMA’s Physician Assistants’ success is undergirded by technology.  Tools like oxygen concentrators, centrifuges, ultrasounds, and internet connections significantly increase the capacity and level of healthcare.   However, in the jungle setting, keeping any technology running is a challenge.  The engineering tech’s purpose is to provide technical assistance to the Physician Assistants.  The end result is better healthcare.

Matt, EMA Engineering Technology Teacher & Manager during a class with E-Tech students.

This year, our Engineering Techs have been called upon to help in a myriad of ways.  When EMA’s jungle clinic, Rain Tree Clinic, needed power, our engineers set up new solar systems that power most of the campus.  When our buildings needed expansion, the engineers were called upon to build those buildings.  When the truck broke down, they worked to fix it.  When emergencies arose, the engineers were called upon to change the plan and find different ways to work.  When lots of rice bags needed to be moved, they help with that too.  These young men learned many things under Matt’s guidance, but we could not have prepared them for all the changes that lay ahead.  So, we are proud of these Engineering Techs for their resilience, strength, and good attitudes. 

On occasion, I get to observe some of the fruits of their success. Recently, one of the engineers called and wanted to talk about a creative way to solve the water problem.  He wanted to take a Diesel engine from a generator that we were not using much and connect that to a water pump.  They are improvising and using resources that are available with creativity and thinking out of the box.  These are things that are difficult to teach.   I don’t think they have finished this project yet because the next day’s emergency overshadowed this one.  I want to say that I’m so proud of these guys, and we are thankful for your support. – Dan, EMA Executive Director and Engineering Technology Director  

Dan is EMA’s Executive Director and heads up the Engineering Technology program. He’s an engineer who doesn’t like to maintain things. An administrator who doesn’t want to be put in a box.  He prefers to teach about interesting things rather than follow a strict lesson plan. He is always busy working but would rather hang out with his kids and wife.



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