New Experiences

New Experiences

New Experiences

“I spent almost four months at Rain Tree Clinic (RTC), consisting of many good experiences and I am going to talk about three things that I learnt there. Those are similarities, differences, and new experiences. 

All of the people who are located in the surrounding area are Karen and they practice the same language and culture. The location is remote, so it is similar to my village and the livelihood is the same as well. 

However, the difference from a local clinic in the city was the technology, as skills were low by comparison from the cities. We usually could not use the internet with high-quality speed and mostly it was delayed during the times when we needed urgent communication there. 

The new things that I have learned at RTC were I donated my blood there and that was the first time for me. I felt very delighted that I could help patients as much as I could. Then I realized and understood that we helped the patients in different ways there as well. I noticed many Physician Assistants (PA) and other staff usually were donating their blood  when needed. 

I was so glad to be there and felt peaceful with the beautiful landscapes and sometimes spent time hunting in the jungle or fishing in the evening as well. This experience gave me so much satisfaction and released the stress.” – Hla Say, EMA Dorm Assistant


Hla Say is our Dorm Assistant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is a Karen and love giving back to his community. Hla Say is currently doing his bachelors in business from Payap University and helps EMA Y1 students as a Dorm Assistant. 



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